M. 22, Londoner, although these days only part time. Student, master procrastinator, theatre enthusiast, fan of too many things and people.

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If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” 

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Trust the plastic the f a t h e r.

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that’s the worst

There’s somehow a difference between writing a character being sappy and cute and writing them mushy in a way that makes your stomach turn. Jess, I’m talking about Jess. I hate it when people over-sweeten him and forget he’s a bitter sarcastic bastard.


Bowie fans outside a David Bowie concert in 1973 at Earls Court, London.

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Well written fanfiction with interesting plots but characterisation that’s off is really fucking upsetting. 

The Ood were nothing without us, just animals roaming around on the ice.

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